My Lifeguard

They say people come into your life for a reason, a season or a lifetime. What if somebody comes into your life for all three reasons? Well, it is rare indeed but it happened to me.

When I was just going into my senior year of high school. I got a summer job working as a lifeguard in a local day camp. I was extremely shy and never had a “real” boyfriend. The first day of being a lifeguard I was paired with a extremely cute guy about 2 years older than me. He had blonde hair and the bluest eyes that I ever saw. We introduced ourselves to each other and although I was extremely shy I sensed he was was a little timid too. I instantly felt a connection with him. I felt like I already knew him even though we never met before. I had a few crushes on boys in my teens but the feeling I got when I looked into his blue eyes was something entirely different. I felt like we were kindred spirits from another lifetime. I literally drowned in his blue eyes every time he looked at me. I was totally not prepared for the intense physical and emotional feelings that washed over my me from the moment we met.

I wished I had the courage to tell him how I felt, but I didn’t know how to.

As the summer progressed so did our friendship . We were supposed to teach young campers to learn to swim but instead we just watched them and never stopped talking and laughing together during instructional swim.

I didn’t have much self confidence but I sensed he enjoyed spending those long hot summer days with me. My feelings towards him only intensified and I realized “Crap! I was in love with him!”

I was friends with the other male lifeguards working at the day camp pool with me and I even went out to clubs with a few of them after work. My lifeguard ,even though he was always invited never joined us. I of course was disappointed but I tried to hide my dissatisfaction from him.

The summer was coming to a end and I finally got up the nerve to ask if he was going to a end of summer party at the head lifeguard’s house. He never quite gave me an answer. The night of the party I spent hours getting ready and I anticipated kissing him for the first time. I dragged along my best friend Susan with me to the party. When I got there , my lifeguard was nowhere in sight. I was devastated and got very drunk. I threw up at least 3x on the way home from that party.

The summer was over and I never even exchanged phone numbers with my lifeguard. In fact I thought I would never see him again. Life went and we went our separate ways. However, I knew I met my soulmate that summer and my life would never be the same. That was over 35yrs ago.

Bad Boys Do It Better

By Cheryl Rick Klein.

I could never resist a “bad boy.”’ By that I mean a ultra confident, sort of “cocky” guy that knows all the rules of the dating game because he made the rules. This guy is usually very charismatic wild, charming, and has a wild side. He is commonly a good looking guy who instantly knows when he spots a lady who is his type and will never let nothing stand in his way when to capture her heart and soul. I have found that this type of mysterious guy is extremely dangerously attractive and very addicting.

“He is like playing with matches when you know it potentially can cause a fire.” Take it from me, have a fire extinguisher ready.

As a former bad bad matures and gets older they are even more intriguing to me because they still know have to have fun and live life to the fullest yet they learned know how to respect most women and make her feel like the most special lady in the world.

These type of guys are very rare to find especially as I am getting older. Leave it to me I still can find them. At any age they are out there especially if you were the type that used to attract bad boys like me. . It’s like they have a special radar that I can pick up their signal when I am near one of them. I guess bad boys attract bad girls at any age.

I have met all kinds of guys throughout my life but my most memorable exciting memories are with two bad boys I had long relationships with. One I am still currently involved with. He is a charmer who can arouse me with just a text, a kiss or the way he looks at me with one deep gaze with his hypnotic blue eyes that can see into my deepest thoughts and desires. He is also a constant pain in the ass and can instigate a fight via nasty texts hours before you have plans to meet. This kind of relationship can be very rocky indeed.

No man I met is perfect including “bad boys” but they are anything but boring. I don’t want the type of guy who anyone can attract. I want the thrills and chills.

What can I say? I guess I still got a bit of “bad girl” left in me.

They sure do!
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The Princess Who Drank Too Much

By Cheryl Rick Klein

My older sister has had a long history with alcholism. I tried to help her with her problem but I simply couldn’t get through to her. She denied her problem and I continued in my late teens and early twenties driving her to several bars the day after a major binge because she was so drunk the night before she didn’t remember where she left her car. In fact, she didn’t even remember how she got home. This happened mostly on Sunday mornings after a wild Saturday night.

She resembled the photo below on Sunday mornings when we started searching for her car.

It was only a matter of time before her luck would run out and it finally did one one rainy night after drinking vodka all day while working a clothing boutique I owned. I was off that day and she didn’t have me there to “save” her from making poor decisions.

I owned a clothing boutigue in Roslyn and it grossed over a million dollars in sales the first year I opened the store at the young age of 23. Since my store was so successful my older sister left her Special Ed teaching job because she was often physically violated  by mentally  challenged adult sized students.  I was against the whole idea but had no choice since my mom was the president of my business even though she was not involved In the day to day operation of my store.

I knew it was going to be a nightmare and ruin everything I worked my ass off for.  I didn’t even cash most of my paychecks because I wanted to reinvest the money back into my business so it could expand faster.

In hindsight, If my sister didn’t work for me I probably would’ve still owned my successful boutique and possibly opened a few more stores. I put my blood, sweat and tears into my store and it was totally worth it. I created a successful business by myself and I became a confident strong  business woman.

I had a very bad premonition that my luck was about to change.

It started out fine for the first few weeks. Then I noticed my sister was slurring her words when she spoke to customers every now and then.  The problem escalated and my manager Jody who worked with my sister on my days off and she told me that my sister was getting too out of control and the customers were starting to notice.

That rainy night my store manager  offered to drive my sister home because it was obvious  she was extemely drunk and could barely walk. Of course my sister told her she was fine and to mind her own business.

My manager tried to call me and my parents to stop her from getting behind the wheel. She couldn’t get in touch with us. There were no cell phones back then so texting wasn’t an option. On the one mile ride back to her house she missed her street tried to made a u-turn and her car skidded and she hit a telephone pole.    A short time later I got a frantic call from my parents who told me to meet them at the hospital. They also informed me she was arrested for driving while intoxicated. My sister just got the first DWI in our family.

The first things I saw when I found my sister’s room was that she had a bloody slit lip and to my horror she was arrested and hancuffed to the hospital bed. My sister motioned me to come to her and whispered to me to take her handbag out of the room and go to the bathroom and dump the evidence. I quietly sneaked her heavy shoulder bag out of the room.

As I passed my father who was crying to the police officers who happened to know my family because our house alarm that was connected to the police station was always going off. He was begging them not to take her to jail that night after the plastic surgeon stitched up her cut  lip.

My mom who noticed how I was trying to pass the police holding my sister’s large handbag  quickly followed me to the closest bathroom. To our horror we found in her bag a half full larger bottle of vodka which we quickly poured the remaining vodka  down the drain.

Then we saw a large trash can and tried to bury the large bottle of Absolute under hundreds of paper towels we pulled from the dispenser. We prayed nobody would come in the public restroom as we tried to  hide the incriminating evidence.

I felt like I was aiding a felon but my  family was extremely close and we always protected each other my parents loved all their four children unconditionally. Even if it meant cleaning up my sister’s mess that night which I am sure was probably illegal.

My father managed to save my sister from going to jail that night and took her home .  She had to appear in court a few days later and since it was her first offense they pleaded her case down to driving while impaired. I learned later that my sister’s blood alcohol count level was so far above normal my dad actually had a doctor friend at the hospital my sister was taken to change the level on the file before it was shared with the police and district attorney.

I on the otherhand was so traumatized by this experience I had to witness in person almost 30yrs ago that from that night on if I drank more than one drink I would never get behind the wheel of a car. If on that rare occasion I had a few drinks I would leave my car wherever I was and call a cab or a friend to pick me up and take me home.

Unfortunately, my sister didn’t learn from that night and got 2 more DWI’s since then and even lost her teaching license because she was now a convicted felon. She now works as a glorified nanny mostly watching young children for $300 dollars a week. My sister had a masters degree in Special education and used to earn 150k a year. Her whole education and quality of life ruined because of making irresponsible stupid decisions while under the influence and getting multiple DWI’s.

It’s so sad her whole life was ruined forever. She doesn’t talk about her past much and in a way I feel sorry for her because addiction is a inherited gene. Both my parents had a assortment of addictions. In fact me and my three siblings all have inherited different demons and addictions as well.

So before you judge someone and assume that a person is a weak hopeless addict or alcoholic remember that nobody ever asked to be a alcoholic.

I wrote this very personal story to tell you the consequences of drinking and driving. My sister was lucky she never killed or injured anyone else but herself but she could’ve.

Do not drink and drive!!!!!!!!!!

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A Princess In Love

I feel like everything in my life has led me to you.

My choices, my heartbreaks, my regrets. Everything.

When we are together my past seems worth it.

Because if I had done one thing differently, I might have never met you.

Princess Must Haves

Do you make yourself laugh,

more than others?

Are you.. .


Say weird stuff.

Cuss sometimes?

Built walls?!

Yet, let a few select in?

Think like a teen age girl?

Wink, Wink.

Talk to yourself, often.

Are you Sarcastic?

Yet kind hearted.

You can sit here!

You Can sit with Me!

A Princess Journey

Think of life as a train journey. If you show a stranger kindness, you can change their life in a positive way and help them reach the right destination. Without your positive encounter even though it may have been for the briefest of time, their train may have gone off the rails

Daddy’s Little Princess

It has been 20 years since you left me. The day you passed away my entire world was shattered forever.

I originally wrote this post on another blog 10yrs ago. I wanted to reblog it here and share this very personal story with you.

Dedicated with love to MANNY RICK my dad who died May 23, 2000

My father was the first to notice that something was very wrong with my face when a small cut by my chin didn’t heal. He wasted no time and took me to every medical expert to find out was was wrong. As one side of my face was quickly ravaged by a unknown disease. Me, my daddy’s little girl, was given a prognosis by a group of doctors who all agreed whatever rare disease I had was terminal and they told my parents on that awful day I wouldn’t live to see my 15th birthday. My dad’s hair turned completely gray overnight after he was given the worst news a parent can hear.

I wanted to give up and die most of my teenage years. I was severely depressed and had suicidal thoughts everyday. My dad was the only one who could through to me, as I tried to block out the entire world. He told me to fight and never give up. He lifted my spirit and soul when my life was a complete nightmare.

I tried to remain strong for my dad and fought for my life. I survived miraculously and after many risky, expensive cosmetic procedures and operations the damage to my face was fixed, yet the emotional scars stayed with me my entire life.

“He held my hand and told me that I was still beautiful and told me to remain strong. He told me he would never give up to make me well again.
He showed me what true beauty!is and you won’t find it in any mirror.”

When my dad’s first leg was amputated due to complications from having diabetes, he wanted to just give up and die. So
I told him what he told me so many years ago.
“Be strong, you are a beautiful person.” almost the same words he said to me many years ago.
A week later I watched my dad take his first steps and we both cried.

Below is a short memory of the special relationship my dad and I shared together.

My dad, Manny Rick. (1931-2000)

It was the day of my little sister’s wedding. I went over to my parent’s house
to get ready for the big event.
Suddenly, my mother, and my two sisters were gathering their gowns and were heading to the door. ” Where are you going ? I asked.”
We have to get to the temple early we are having our makeup done professionally. They didn’t make a appointment for me.
My face said it all. My dad who was watching the situation remarked “I told you it wasn’t right to not include Cheryl.”
I just stood speechless as they pushed past me and headed out the door.
I ran upstairs to my old room and cried. I didn’t understand why I was not included. I lost half my face to Parry romberg Syndrome and it took years of cosmetic procedures to erase the damage on the outside.
Could my own family be so shallow and actually be jealous I became too pretty???
My father called me to come downstairs.
He had tears in his eyes when he saw me. He opened his arms and hugged me tight. We cried together.
Then he said the most beautiful words to me I will never forget.
” You don’t need a make-up artist you are so beautiful just the way you are.”
I loved my dad more than anyone in the world.

Diabetes is a auto-immune illness that can be devastating. There is no cute .

Parry Romberg Syndrome became a official rare disease in 2001.
Sadly, my dad never knew I was finally diagnosed. He died just one year before.


If a man expects a woman to be an angel in his life, he must first create a heaven for her.

Angels don’t live in hell.

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Royal Life Advice For Everyone

My mother always told me being a
“Good person” is the most important thing a person should be.
Live your best life.

It’s Okay Princess

It’s going to be okay. Never lose hope.