Happily Ever After number One

I have been in relationships good and bad. I’ve been engaged 4 times and married twice. I also made my share of bad choices in choosing toxic men that
took pieces of me I can never get back.
I had my heart broken twice in my life and one of these heartbreaks nearly ruined my life.
Everyone is looking for their “happy ever after” but not everyone is meant to find Mr. Right.
Friends of mine look for love in all the wrong places, for example, online dating sites and social media.
Lucky for me cell phones and the internet were not even invented when I met both my husbands. I met my first husband at the tender age of 23 on a Tuesday night at NYC club called the Palladium. This very tall dark handsome guy locked eyes on me when I first entered the club and 15 minutes later he was standing right behind me at the bar and overheard this guy say he was paying for a drink I just ordered. I didn’t bother even turning around to thank him when I saw a 100 dollar bill pass right over my head. I remember muttering the word “Asshole” to myself.
Okay, I was a thinking already all i need is another cocky egotistical guy to waste my time.
He noticed I was ignoring him so I thanked him for buying me the drink and turned around to face him. He was even better close up and I remember thinking why he decided to pick me out of a crowd of hundreds of pretty girls.
He was tall, real tall like about 6″4 or so. He was also a bit older than me. He had charm and seemed ” cool”, so I decided to hang out and party with him the rest of the night.
Though I fought my best not to like him I let him into my crazy life that fateful night. He worked for a big Brokerage firm and lived in Brooklyn in his own apartment.
That was far away from my North Shore, Long Island home. I was still living with my parents.
I was also at the time involved in a three year relationship with a religious Jewish guy who just graduated Podiatry School and was also still involved with a guy who I still believe was my soul mate who I met my Junior year at Hofstra University.
I kept that info all a secret from this new cute mysterious mature guy.
Something about him was getting my attention and by the end of the night I barely knew anything about him besides his first name.
He took my number and I was thinking ” he is not going to call me, and walked me to the club entrance where I found my older sister, Fran, who obviously had one drink too many. She was “sloppy drunk” and I was like please don’t embarrass me in front of this cute guy.
Too late, she was in her dangerously drunk state and blurt out to Ron, ” I see you met my bleached blonde little sister.” Totally mortified thinking this guy is so not going to call me, I tried to hold up my sister and make a quick exit. Then when I thought things couldn’t get worse my sloppy drunk sister tripped and Ron grabbed her arm before she fell.
My sister looked up at Ron and said . “My sister, that would be me, always gets the cute guys and it isn’t fair.”
I was feeling like just let me get out of here and knew this new mysterious tall guy would run in other direction after he met my sister but to my surprise he helped me get my car from a nearby garage and practically hold my sister up as she could barely walk.
I made it home from NYC to Long Island in 20 minutes that night. I managed to get my very drunk sister to our house and up stairs without my parents waking up.
I wrote Ron off figuring he would never call me but two days later he called me at work and asked me out. Could this guy I wondered be my “happy ever after?”

To be continued…..



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