Thanksgiving in Puerto Rico

I really never celebrated a traditional Thanksgiving growing up. When most of America was planning and cooking their annual Thursday turkey feast, I was packing my bikini and sunblock to spend the holiday weekend with my family in sunny 80 degree Puerto Rico.
My parents who loved to travel took me and siblings to Puerto Rico every year during my teens and early 20’s. As I look back on my early days living the life of a North Shore Princess this way of spending a National holiday seemed quite normal but was it????
I guess I have to say here the term
“normal” means something different to everyone. For me going on a exotic holiday back then was indeed normal for my family.
My mom and dad worked so hard growing their corrugated box company together they saw the long Thanksgiving weekend as a chance to get the hell out of New York and it made perfect sense to them.
We were were not the only family who thought this way. Year after year I hung out with the same teens whose families also choose to spend Thanksgiving just like my family.
Thanksgiving after all is giving thanks for all our blessings. Of course the conventional way is gathering around the table and eating a turkey dinner with your loved ones. That’s all fine and nice but a bit ordinary.
My family however was not ordinary but extraordinary !!!!!
What was important to me was I was lucky enough to be blessed to be part of such of a close loving family like mine.
Looking back I am so thankful for all those priceless memories spending Thanksgivings in Puerto Rico with my family.


Wishing everyone a Happy Thanksgiving Day!!❤️❤️❤️

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