Caution!!! Danger Ahead !!!

That’s photo is me when I decided to go blonde. Thats when my life drastically changed forever. Before 18 I had medium mousey brown hair and really never stood out in a crowded dark NYC club. I used to envy the girls with blonde hair who seemed to be noticed always before me by the really cute guys every time I went out on the town. Even my best friend at the time was a gorgeous blonde named Lisa, whose boyfriends in H.S included the captain of the football team and “Richie” who was so hot I sweated everyday when he played the drums in the percussion section right behind me when I played the violin in H.S orchestra.
I just assumed with my teenage naive rational thinking that blondes like the cliche, “Really do have more fun.”
Right after I started college I lost 20 pounds of baby fat, started to exercise like crazy, landed my first job in a very obnoxious boutique and dyed my hair blonde.
Oh yeah and landed my first serious “hot” boyfriend.

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