The princess fights for her life.

I was a late bloomer , actually very late. I was very introverted in my early teens and read an entire new book every day. I also came down with a life threatening illness that affected my right side of face to the point I just avoided mirrors from 12-15yrs of age. Throw in some puberty, a few pimples and oily hair on top of my undiagnosed illness .that stumped at least 10 NYC Park Avenue doctors , and it created a perfect storm for me that ruined the so called “best years of my life.”
I was always a fighter and although I felt I was dying on the inside whenever someone stared at my face or made a cruel comment in the middle of class, I swallowed the pain like a pill and went to Junior and Senior HS with a smile on my face and held my head up high.
I still had my best girlfriends who I met in kindergarten who never left my side and even defended me when someone bullied me. I had lots of friends and led a very normal young teen life despite my prognosis that I wouldn’t survive past the age 15 when I accidentally heard a group of specialists who still didn’t have a clue what I had, tell my parents my illness was spreading into my nerves and jawbone rapidly and concluded It was terminal. I still remember I didn’t cry when I heard the shocking news, I just got dressed in silence in the now empty examination room and swallowed the tears and fears and met my pale , devastated parents in the lobby and of course I was smiling.
We got into my dad’s station wagon and my parents were both silent. To make matters worse my father decided to go threw a very neighborhood in upper Manhattan to get home and got lost somehow because he wasn’t paying attention and now we were in a very bad part of Bronx on that bitter cold December night and all of a sudden the car just died……… that’s when my parents broke down too.


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    1. Amen is right!!! I was very lucky and was diagnosed in 2001 with Parry Romberg Syndrome. My blog is my personal account of living with this serious sometimes fatal rare illness. Sincerly Cheryl Rick Klein


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