“Smiling has always been easier, than explaining why you are Sad”

I totally can relate to this beautiful post you wrote. Perfectly said!!!


People think they know you. They think they know how you’re handling a situation. But the truth is no one knows, know one knows after you leave them, when you’re lying in bed or sitting over your breakfast alone and all you want to do is cry or scream. They don’t know what’s going on inside your head- the mind – the numbing cocktail of anger and sadness & guilt. They just don’t know. So you pretend & say you’re doing great when you’re really not. And it makes everyone feels better. But does it change your feeling? Your pain goes away? Your smile becomes genuine?

The answer is No,We all have chapters we would rather keep unpublished. Why you believe in faking a smile? Because its very tough for you to explain to each one of them, that how bad you feel, the nights which you cried and the loneliness.

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