Cinderella Gets Real

Don’t pretend to be the perfect woman for any man. Eventually, the truth always comes out. I told my husband on our second date that lobster, shrimp and cheeseburgers are my favorite foods. That doesn’t sound like any big deal accept for the fact he only ate kosher food. i told him if he wanted to continue dating me he would have to accept my non-kosher diet. Funny, twenty two years later he never once commented or tried to make me give up my favorite foods. Our freezer is mixed with kosher meat and non-kosher “White Castle” frozen hamburgers.

Don’t  change what you love for any man. If he really loves you he will accept everything about you!

Even Cinderella has a few issues


13 thoughts on “Cinderella Gets Real

  1. Good read, thought provoking, thank you. Edwinlives4ever I was about to write the same thing, but you said it for me. So, here is my other thought, I believe in balance. We must be careful not to be trampled and used as a doormat, yes; however, we ought not to become so rigid there is no softness, a women loses part of who she really can and is meant to be otherwise.


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