Never Grow Up 

These are my two precious daughters Nikki and Sam .

Time has flown by so fast and my little girls are now young ladies.  They are almost  ready to go out into the world without me holding their hands .

Even Though I constantly told them to “Never grow up,” they did.

I just heard the song playing “Never Grow Up” by Taylor Swift as I was driving home tonight. I have heard this song before but tonight I was overcome with bittersweet emotions.

I had to pull over and park my car on the side of road because I was hysterically crying as the song continued to play. This is what I heard…..

“Never Grow Up” lyrics written by Taylor Swift

Oh , my little darlings you both have grown up and have become smart , confident ,compassionate and beautiful young ladies . I taught you to go after your dreams and make them a reality.

Yes all mothers secretly wish their children will never grow up and just stay little .  Life however is not that simple .

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