My Sister, My Best Friend


Dedicated to my big sister Francine Grumet who has saved me from “myself” numerous times throughout my life.

My sister Fran and I share different views on many things including  our siblings, parenting skills and our personal lifestyles.

Francine Lynn Rick was born in 1961 and was the first child my mother gave birth to. She was a wild child and a natural born rebel by her 2nd birthday. About 6 months later I unexpectedly arrived when my mom gave birth to her second daughter, me.

Fran was angry at my parents and me from the day i was brought home from the hospital and was not prepared to become anyone’s sister. She acted out her frustrations by becoming even more of a terror and just wanted little me to go back where I came from.

During the next few years, she continued to hate me. She would pinch me while I was sleeping in the middle of night to wake me up and cry. When my parents caught her one night, she explained to them that she woke me up to see if I was alive! I idolized my fran. I couldn’t pronounce her name so I simply called her “Sister.” I was the polar opposite of Fran. I loved her so much and did anything she told me to do. For example she would unscrew my baby bottle full of milk and said I should pour the milk on my head because my hair would grow longer like hers. So of course I believed her and when my mother saw me in my pajamas drenched in milk, Fran would say “Look at the mess Cheryl made.” I got in trouble of course, but I didn’t seem to mind. I only wanted Fran to accept me.

My mother gave birth in my brother, Charles, in 1968 and then to her 4th child, Sally in 1970.

As the years flew by Fran grew up and was still  the wild child and I was still the quiet perfect sister who never quite connected with my older sister.

As adults things started to change. Fran and I slowly put aside our different personalities and we finally became very close sisters to this day. After my mother passed away suddenly in 2006. Fran was suddenly both a mother figure and older sister to me. She is only one among my siblings who truly “Get’s me.” Fran is the only person I have that loves me unconditionally that I have left in this world.

To my sister Fran, I love you so much and I am so blessed to have such a wonderful sister like you. ❤️❤️❤️❤️

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