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Pussy Cats In Boots

I have rescuing kittens from from animal shelters for the past 30 years.
The photos below are two of three adorable cats we adopted. The youngest we had to name “Baby” is a adorable gray tabby. The oldest of the bunch is “Lucky ” a gorgeous eight year old Siamese cat with the bluest eyes I have ever seen. We also have the sweetest Blue Russian cat, “Gia,” who was very badly abused as a kitten when we adopted her five years ago from The Humane Society.
My cats are so loved by me and my family and as I am writing this post, two of them are sleeping in my bed with my husband! LOL!!!
I want to point out that that most of the most of many cats that we adopted over the years were just ordinary mixed breeds. Each and everyone of them touched our lives in such a special way.
When you experience the joy of seeing the the look of love in a cat’s eyes that was rescued you truly haven’t lived.