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The Life We Lost On Plane Crash Swissair 111

On September 2,1998 at 4:am in the morning my husband and I were suddenly awakened when the phone rang at 4am in the morning. My husband grabbed the phone and his mother was frantically telling him “Your dad was supposed to call me when he landed in Switzerland but she never got the call.”
My father in law was a prominent senior partner at NY law firm and made fr

The Swissair MD-11 plane that was involved in crash
The Swissair MD-11 plane that was involved in crash

equent business trips. The strange thing was I fell asleep with the television on CNN and splashed across the screen were the words “Breaking News” “Swissair flight 111 crashed into the Atlantic Ocean near Halifax,Canada.
Then I saw horrifying images of the debris and yet I didn’t make the connection that was the plane my father in law was on until I asked my husband to ask his mom what flight he was on. He replied “Swissair 111,”
Still staring at the TV, I said, “Your father is dead.” ….
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