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Stay Strong Princess ….. 

 Lately, everyday I am fighting to get out of bed because I don’t want to deal with another stressful day. 

I have to make major life choices and that is hard to do. 

I have to be strong very strong like I used to be. 

I can do this……… 




Fairytale Dragons

This works the same in “real” life doesn’t it??????????

You need to be strong, very strong to beat your own personal “dragons” whatever or whoever they are.  

Sometimes I just give up because I don’t believe my own fairytale has a happily ever after.

The last few months a very evil “dragon” has beaten me and my family down. Without my consent my husband moved my 78yr old mother in law into my house. She and I have never gotten along. The stress level has been so bad since the dragon moved in that three months after she invaded my home my husband had a sudden heart attack at 53 years old. I believe “karma” had something to do with this . I get chest pains everyday and worry I am next. “Somebody is gonna die if this “dragon” doesn’t leave.”I tell this to my husband everyday. He tells me then to  leave because he is afraid of his mother the dragon. 

After knowing my husband 25 years he picks the dragon over me. 

I am angry , very very angry. 

I have been battleing the dragon my heartless fire breathing bitch of a mother in law for now 8 months. 

Friday night “You are killing me.” … no response . I say much louder “Get the fuck out of my house!!!!!!” 

She and her 24 hour aid that also lives here look at me like I am crazy….

My husband tells his mom “She is off her meds.” 

What meds ????? I may be depressed, but I am not psychotic . I want to scream but stay silent. 

I creep upstairs to my new “bedroom” which used to be the living room. It is  the only place I have any privacy. The dragon is confined to a wheelchair and can’t get up the stairs. I am alone but I feel safe. 

My  18 year old daughter is horrified with the abuse I have been put through. She had been withdrawn because she desperately wants to help her mother. She also wants the dragon to leave. She yells at her father that he is destroying me and she can’t handle seeing me in such pain. 

My sister called today and told me bluntly,”You have to leave your son of a bitch husband .” I laughed silently “My husband is a son of a dragon bitch.” Lol. 

You have to find the strengh to get your life back. “You have your whole  family behind you to help , you are not alone.”

I don’t care anymore about my husband or the dragon. They are monsters for what they have done to me.

I will unlock my own dungeon and escape this very scary “fairy tale.” 

This won’t be easy and will take time but I will find my “happily ever after.” Without  a sword I will beat the dragons.    

    These fire breathing dragons will be very angry when I leave my dream house  that I loved and and brought up my two daughters in for the past ten years. 

To my dragon mother in law ….. Burn baby burn…….. along with your bastard son. 

And that’s me in the photo above. I walked through the flames and exited my personal hell . I will never look back. 

Bravo’s New Reality Show “Secrets And Wives” Hits Home

The cast of Secrets and Wives on Bravo TV     

  I was shocked and delighted Bravo TV  premiered the new reality show “Secrets and Wives” which happens to be filmed in the same town I grew up and lived in most of my life. 

   The show showcases the luxury lifestyle of a handful of women who live in Roslyn, NY. These women may have closets of Loubiton Shoes ,carry Hermes Handbags to  “Soul Cycle” to take a spin class , and seem to “have it all ” is just a illusion that life is great but as the reality show portrays having money and living a fairly tale lifestyle has a very dark side as well. 

 I got my first job at the age of 17  in a trendy upscale boutique in Roslyn, NY. The two owners of the boutigue opened the store with their husbands backing their venture financially and about a year after the store opened both ladies divorced their husbands and one of the owners, “Suzy” who was in her early 30’s very cool and  confident became interested  in a prominent Roslyn Dentist who was at the time happily married. She learned he loved to ski. Suzy never skied in her life so she would take me during work hours on a two hour drive to the nearest ski slopes where we took lessons secretly. Ok it wasn’t so bad I still got paid for the day and Suzy and I quickly became pretty good skiers! 

 Well in less than a year Suzy got the really cute dentist and he divorced his beautiful wife of 13 years. He and Suzy went sking all winter long and by the next spring I attended their wedding. 

 In the boutique I was basically running the entire business in less than two years because the owners were M.I.A most of the time. I was a full time student at Hofstra University and had to take night classes so I could run the store which was doing very well. Most of the customers were women from Roslyn who often told me their own personal horror stories usually about how their husbands suddenly left them for a “younger model ” and were stuck with a big house, a few kids they suddenly had to raise alone and no longer had access to their husbands money. 

I saw first hand that in Roslyn there was a epidemic of divorces, cheating spouses and affairs. Most importantly I  learned money can’t buy happiness . I have seen and observed what the women like the cast of Secrets and Wives lives are really like and ten years ago I decided move from the north shore to the south shore of Long Island. It was one of the best decisions I ever made!!!!!  

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However I still visit the historic Roslyn Duck Pond!!!!!