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This Princess has Scars 

I have scars some have been the result of a terrible rare disease that nearly destroyed the right side of my face. I was only 11 years old when this disease without a name suddenly appeared. I was seen by so many top doctors and specialists in NYC and nobody could diagnose what was happening to me.

Running out of options my desperate parents were recommended to see one of most respected innovative Dermotologists name Norman Oreintriech . His client list included Elizabeth Taylor, Andy Wahol , Cary Grant and so many others.

Dr Oreintriech was intimadating when my mother took me to see him for a consultation when I was twelve. He took a look at my face and told my mom “I have    never took on such a young patient, but, I am willing to try to fix the damage done to her face because even though she has terrible scars I can see how beautiful she was and will we be again.” Then he added “Honestly, if I saw no potential and if she was below average looking, I would tell you to not waste your money and your time and just take her home.” I still remember how those words changed my life and how it to be given “HOPE.”

       Dr Norman Orientriech gave me my life back. He slowly filled up face with small monthly amounts of silicone every month. I waited for hours sometimes in his waiting room filled with well dressed very attractive NYC socialite types of women. When I finally saw the doctor he would take photos of my face and inject over 100 or so painful silicone injections into my right upper lip and lower cheek and chin area until the small vial containing the carefully measured monthly amount of silicone was empty.The whole routine took about 5 minutes.  He would barely say anything to me or my mom except “See you next month.”

I teenage years were taken away from me socially. I still had tons of girlfriends who were “True Friends” and never left my side while I was disfiqured. They treated me exactly the same although there lives were all about going to parties and having boyfriends. I wasn’t jealous, I listened to their stories and was happy for them. If somebody in school made fun of me or called me things like “Scarface” and one of my many popular friends were present they would defend me and verbally attack  these few immature mostly male bastards.

Over 100,000 dollars and over a 100 or so monthly trips to Dr. Norman Orientreich , my face was finally almost scar free. The scars I endured battleing this illness emotionally would still haunt me till this day.

I was 22 years old, engaged and well, okay quite beautiful the last time I saw Dr. Norman Orientriech. I was all grown up and Dr. Orientriech looked younger every time I saw him over the past 10 years. He was now developing skin care products for Nuetrogena and Clinique . That day we both decided that I didn’t need any more injections. His job was done and the promise he made my mom and me over 10 years prior came true.

Mr. Orientriech wished me well and hugged me tight and like always he was in a rush to see his next patient but I could see he had tears in his eyes.

That was over 30 years ago.

On this Father’s Day I want to dedicate this post to Dr. Orientriech a dedicated dermotologist who invented so many skin products and procedures years before other top doctors in his field. He is also a loving father. His son David and daughter Catherine are both Dermotologists have their practice in the same NYC office.

I saw David Orientriech a few weeks ago for some touch-up work on my face. He told me that his dad was now retired and 90 years old.

At the end of visit David Orientreich looked at me closely and said to me “I finally know who the girl in the photo still sitting on his father’s desk for so many years is!”

“It’s you!” The girl in the photo was me indeed. What a honor!

Happy Fathers Day Dr. Norman Orientriech ❤️




Not Every Witch Lives In Salem

There are witches all around us. Most are good and have only the best intentions. I should know because my mother always claimed she was a witch! Like most witch’s she was a strong woman who fiercely loved and protected my family at any cost. My mother taught me while growing up that being a “good” person was more important than any religion. She warned me that although she felt most people were “good” I would come in contact with a few people in my life who were truly evil.  She seemed to have this 6th sense to spot a dark soul or what she referred to as having the “evil eye.”  

My mother didn’t have a book of spells or cook up a special brew to get rid of people who crossed her path with the intention of causing her and my family halm. All I know is she somehow fought back and they never crossed her path again. 

 Witches are misunderstood. My mom didn’t fly around on a broomstick or wear a pointy hat. However, she loved black cats and of course we had one that always sat on my mother’s lap. LOL! 

 My mother only wished the best for her friends and her family. She was a role model and such a positive inspiration in my life . Even though My mother called herself a “witch” to me she was angel on earth . 


   Happy Halloween!!!!!! 

The Kings Favorite Princess Daughter

The photo below is the last picture That was taken of me and my dad. It was taken at my younger brother’s wedding and given to me my my sister in law who said, ” Cheryl, I love this photo and want you to have it.”
She smiled as she put the photo in my hands. I hugged her and she whispered in my ear ” I know.” The tears already were streaming down my checks as I softly said , “Thank you for understanding and I will cherish this photo forever.
What she knew and acknowledged was the special somewhat confusing special bond my father and I shared. It was obvious to my mother and my three siblings that I was my father’s favorite. Others told me that they whenever I entered the room my father’s eyes would glow and he would often say, “That’s my Cheryl.”
My dad maybe was too obvious about his feelings about me and it caused friction and pain especially with my relationship with my mother.
She once said to me in a moment of anger, “If your father could have married you he would have.” This comment haunted me most of my adult life. She saw me like I was in competition for my dad’s affections. Like I was in some kind of incestuous relationship with my dad. This was completely delusional and untrue.
When my dad passed away less than a year after this photo was given to me. She commented,” Who is going to protect you now?”
I simply ignored her remark but once again she still had to make me feel like it was my fault my father was too obvious while he was alive that I was his favorite.
A few years later I had the urge to call her up on a random Sunday and finally set the record straight about me and my dad. I explained to her that I was so sorry and how wrong she was to think that I had any control on the way my father showed his affection towards me.
During that phone call I told her that I felt that the least loved by her out of my brother and sisters but I also
told her despite everything mom , ” I know you love me in your own way and I know I am LOVED.”
She then broke down and I could here her sobbing as she told me she made so many mistakes with me and how she wished she could take back so many things she said to me during the years.
I knew this was her way of coming to terms finally that although my dad made it a little too obvious I was his favorite child it was beyond my control and it wasn’t my fault. At the end of our conversation I felt I validated the love I felt for my mother before it was too late.
…… And it almost was, my mother died suddenly two weeks later in her sleep.
Don’t wait to say things to your loved ones. Say what’s in your heart now before it’s too late.


Remembering My Mother


My mother was very complicated. I can’t remember ever being hugged by her. She never said “I love you” or told me I was pretty. She was strict and I was afraid to upset her because she scared me. I can’t remember her tucking me in bed or kissing me goodnight. Despite her emotional limitations and the sad look in her eyes, I

was blessed with the best mother who loved her children unconditionally and devoted her life to her four children. I learned from her that actions speak volumes and saying “I love you “is just words . My mother also would never say goodbye. I asked her why and she told me she doesn’t say goodbye because one day goodbye would be the last goodbye. She couldn’t bear the thought of leaving us. My mom and I had issues of course because we were a lot alike. My mother I found out was married to a abusive alcoholic playboy who stayed out late with his buddies, and left my mother home till the wee hours of the morning. I know one thing he broke her heart and that is probably when she stopped saying those three little words, I love you. She went to Cuba and got a quick divorce and met my Dad at a dance a few years later. On their first date my Dad she ordered a lot of drinks and my dad dropped her off and told her he liked her but thought she had to work out some personal issues.  A year later he called my mom and asked her if she wanted to have dinner. They married a year later . My mom was a glamorous woman who never thought she would be the mother of four children. As I got older I understood why she was not affectionate because a piece of her never recovered from her first marriage. My dad was full of hugs and told me he loved me everyday. My mom and dad loved their family and gave us a privileged childhood. My father started a corrugated box company in 1960 with a phone service and a old blue van. By 1970 he had a growing company and moved to Long Island. My dad got very ill and my mom ran the business in NYC. She was a book keeper after High School and kept the business going while my dad was recovering. Three months later my dad returned to work and my mom never quit. She finally found something she loved to do and worked side by side with my dad for the next thirty years. They worked so hard and were self made millionaires by 1980. When my dad died in 2000 my mother ran the business with my brother. She refused to retire because she loved what she did and she didn’t need the money and spent a lot of it on me, my sisters and grandchildren. Money doesn’t buy love but it was her way to express what she could not verbally say. My mom always called at 7:30 every night. She was always there for me in every way. Then something changed when I had my two daughters, she would hug them and tell them how much she loved them. I was so glad she finally made peace with herself. She passed away suddenly in 2006 in her sleep. I never got to say goodbye. In loving memory of my beloved mother.