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Beauty Queen

       It’s always nice to be called beautiful from a friend or family member. It’s a ego booster because most of us especially in our late teens and twenties has a thing or two about their image they see in the mirror.
        Most young women fixate on any tiny flaw they think they have. My daughter who is fourteen complains her hair is not long enough and an occassional zit will never go away. She thinks a little baby fat is ruining her life. My daughter who at age 14 can apply makeup like a professional makeup artist and can straighten her hair so perfectly , thanks to watching beauty video bloggers on YouTube , thinks like most teens that being beautiful on the outside is all people notice. She will learn this lesson just the way I did. 
I started to obsess on being beautiful when I got my first job in a posh North Shore Boutique. The lady who interviewed me immediately noticed my outgoing personality and hired me on the spot. The new boutique opened a few weeks later and I was a size 8 and felt obese because everyone else was a size 2 or 4. To make matters worse I had to wear the store’s clothing and barely nothing fit me. When I was working I also had to stare at my myself all day because the store’s walls were completely covered in mirrors. My confidence was at a all time low. 
A few weeks later my boyfriend who just transferred to Syracuse University sent me a letter telling me we should see other people. Of course I thought he wanted to breakup with me because I was not as beautiful as the girls on his campus. Thats when I took matters into my own hands and lost 30lbs just in a few months.
    Suddenly, I was getting attention and was being called “beautiful” by my co-workers and even complete strangers. It was a “high” I never experienced. 
    My boyfriend came home that Thankgiving and noticed immediately how much I changed. He asked me to go with him to a club to meet his Fraternity friends who I heard from a girlfriend were a bunch of spoiled popular assholes . My boyfriend obviously wanted to suddenly show off his till now invisible girlfriend. 
    The next night as soon as I entered the small popular hangout in the north shore town of Roslyn, I started getting looks from most of the guys. My boyfriend was so proud to introduce me to his Frat brothers who made comments to him like how did get such a hot girl like me. 
    My boyfriend was elated as we left the club and as we walked to the car he said to me “All my friends thought you are so beautiful and so do I.” Then he added as he was about to open the car door he said “I love you.” 
   He never uttered those three little words to me before. In fact , it was the first time any guy told me that he loved me. I suddenly felt my heart sink and held back my tears. It was at that moment I realized being called beautiful doesn’t mean anything if it comes from someone you don’t love. I broke up with him a week later. 
  I grew up that night and realized being called beautiful by somebody that loves me for who I am inside and out is the only person I will believe. 
   And a short while later I found “that” guy . 



Bravo’s New Reality Show “Secrets And Wives” Hits Home

The cast of Secrets and Wives on Bravo TV     

  I was shocked and delighted Bravo TV  premiered the new reality show “Secrets and Wives” which happens to be filmed in the same town I grew up and lived in most of my life. 

   The show showcases the luxury lifestyle of a handful of women who live in Roslyn, NY. These women may have closets of Loubiton Shoes ,carry Hermes Handbags to  “Soul Cycle” to take a spin class , and seem to “have it all ” is just a illusion that life is great but as the reality show portrays having money and living a fairly tale lifestyle has a very dark side as well. 

 I got my first job at the age of 17  in a trendy upscale boutique in Roslyn, NY. The two owners of the boutigue opened the store with their husbands backing their venture financially and about a year after the store opened both ladies divorced their husbands and one of the owners, “Suzy” who was in her early 30’s very cool and  confident became interested  in a prominent Roslyn Dentist who was at the time happily married. She learned he loved to ski. Suzy never skied in her life so she would take me during work hours on a two hour drive to the nearest ski slopes where we took lessons secretly. Ok it wasn’t so bad I still got paid for the day and Suzy and I quickly became pretty good skiers! 

 Well in less than a year Suzy got the really cute dentist and he divorced his beautiful wife of 13 years. He and Suzy went sking all winter long and by the next spring I attended their wedding. 

 In the boutique I was basically running the entire business in less than two years because the owners were M.I.A most of the time. I was a full time student at Hofstra University and had to take night classes so I could run the store which was doing very well. Most of the customers were women from Roslyn who often told me their own personal horror stories usually about how their husbands suddenly left them for a “younger model ” and were stuck with a big house, a few kids they suddenly had to raise alone and no longer had access to their husbands money. 

I saw first hand that in Roslyn there was a epidemic of divorces, cheating spouses and affairs. Most importantly I  learned money can’t buy happiness . I have seen and observed what the women like the cast of Secrets and Wives lives are really like and ten years ago I decided move from the north shore to the south shore of Long Island. It was one of the best decisions I ever made!!!!!  

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However I still visit the historic Roslyn Duck Pond!!!!!